Resilient By Design: Design Phase


National ASLA Award of Excellence: Communications Award

ProjectTwo-stage open competition for resilient strategies in the Bay Area
LocationSan Francisco, CA
DateDesigned 2017-18
PrincipalsKaren M’Closkey + Keith VanDerSys
ClientRockefeller Foundation
CollaboratorsPrimary: Bionic, WXY, Studio for Urban Projects; Penn: Allison Lassiter, Ken Steif, Michael Luegering, Michael Tantala

“Elevate San Rafael” is a new paradigm for responding to complex environmental change and simply what needs to be done: occupy higher elevations and raise the quality of life and social connection for everyone. It proposes evolving the city by combining time-tested approaches to coastal adaptation with a moral, financial, and infrastructural agenda for large-scale preparation. This strategic change and redefining the relationship to the bay lends the singular opportunity to elevate all aspects of life. To physically elevate habitation and community bonds and dignity. To elevate ones social and financial position, and policy for urban change. To lift infrastructure to new elevations and purposes, and allow for ecology to persist and expand.